How do you deal with a person who has a persecution complex?

Everything I and my friends say to this person is taken the wrong way. I feel like we’re tiptoeing round her. How do you deal with this? And if you have a persecution complex, what could I say to you that you would respond well to – to maybe stop her doing this? It’s a bit of a self-fulfilling thing, she thinks everyone is against her, and everyone gets fed up of her thinking this, so eventually they *are* against her!

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3 Responses to “How do you deal with a person who has a persecution complex?”

  1. Sam says:

    This person is a victim and trying to draw you into the role of persecutor, there is a tried and tested way of dealing with this and a theory behind to boot. The theory is Karpman’s drama triangle and the solution is the winners triangle.

  2. Messenger of Kane. says:

    Perhaps you should stop trying to get around her and instead be direct with her.

    edit; you’re treating her like she’s an obstacle.

  3. da'zone says:

    this is hard….. they will allways fall out with those around them…
    i had a friend with the problem when i was a boi…. and i just had to leave him be… apart from the punches i got, it was so embarrassing when he hit one or two of my friends too…
    he had voices and this didnt help matters…
    people will allways judge you on the company you keep, and during this time i lost lots of pals…. who did’nt want hitting by this maniac.
    i’v not seen him in lots of years now, but i do wonder about him..
    he did get jailed for slapping a policeman, but i’v not seen him since

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