How do you deal with anger?

I’m SO mad, I just want to flip out at that person but I can’t cos they’re not here. But I don’t want keep suppressing it because then I’ll get upset and cry. How do you deal with this type of rage?

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  1. Sonora says:

    Personally I usually keep it botted up inside which is BAD BAD BAD. That is the worst thing you can do cause I promise one of these days you will EXPLODE. I have done that. Kept all quiet and everything bottled up then the slightest little thing can make you explode and go crazy and its ugly.

    And I have changed that because I can’t deal with bottling stuff up.

    Here’s my personal suggestions which may help:
    1-exercise-release that anger-your body is tired so you cant be angry

    2-deal with the person asap. Dont put it off. Call them, write an email, write a letter, talk in person, however you choose, but TELL THEM that they have made you very ANGRY and what they did. Sometimes the person isn’t even aware they made you angry so they need to know so they can fix it. Get it over it so it’s not bottled up.

    3-do things you enjoy and hang around ppl you like.

    4- I pray and go to church. you may not be religious. so this is just if you are religious. it helps me cause i see things in a diff way so im not so angry.

    5-keep a journal to vent

  2. Mr Shady says:

    Strangle a cat

  3. Ash says:

    By sitting alone, and calming myself down with breathing…

  4. obum m says:

    Is British Justice Autistic? Or What?

  5. Lil Wayne's Girl says:

    Listen to music!

  6. Alarif H says:

    The phrase be a man doesn’t work here lol, anyway, I find just keeping the anger in works for me, if that does not work, like the other person said, have a good cry, although me being a guy having a good cry isn’t really…well not my cup of tea.
    Depends if you’re short-tempered too.

  7. cybercop says:

    Join an anger management class.

  8. Margaret P says:

    punch people

  9. Emerald L says:

    How do we control our anger? We cannot control how and when we get angry but we can control and choose what we want to do with our anger. If we know that we fly off the handle easily, there are ways that we can do to manage it. You can read more and learn the ways to control yr anger

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