How Do You Deal With Being The New Boss?

I’ve been the boss before, but not like this, there is no one above me, at all. I report to the CEO of the company who is on the other side of the country.
The woman who was asked to train me, is the best in sales and has been awesome teaching me the basics of the company, but I learned yesterday that she thinks she is my boss.
I have called to introduce myself to clients, she has apparently been calling them from home apologizing for my confusion, explaining that I was misinformed and for some reason thought I was the person in charge. When I confronted her about it in private, remaining calm and trying my best to sound nice, yet firm, she got nasty. She told me that I was delusional to think the company would hire a stranger to be the director and pointed out that the title on my business cards says Coordinator. This is true, I am on a 3 month trial as Coordinator before becoming Director, as stated in my contract. I explained this.
She responded with a flippant sarcastic response and before I could respond, we were interrupted by a client phone call.
I have no clue how to approach this situation now. I can’t fire her, she’s one of our top sales people, but her unprofessional behavior is unacceptable. If she continues to go behind my back to contact our clients, it will ruin our company.
Any advice?! REAL answers please. I need genuine help here.

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One Response to “How Do You Deal With Being The New Boss?”

  1. LadyCath says:

    BUT….do you have to power to fire her? if you do.. let her know that.. state clearly what is going on and what is going to go on.. if you are the one in charge let her know.. also let her know if she again makes phone calls to contradict you to clients she will be let go.
    if you let her get away with this, it will get worse and you will have no power over her..

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