How do you deal with Loneliness in a long distance relationship?

My partner is gone away for 3 months to the states. He texts and mails everyday but the loneliness of him not being here is killing me. He sends such lovely e-mails and texts about loving me and missing me. It’s so hard. Then he sends on these songs for me to check out (hes a musician). All love songs. I know it shows he’s thinking of me but how do I deal with the loneliness of it all. The weekends are the worst!!

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5 Responses to “How do you deal with Loneliness in a long distance relationship?”

  1. Steven says:

    You should enjoy the attention (the emails, texts, and songs) that he can give you even though he’s gone. You know that someone out there loves you and is thinking about you even though he’s not around.

    It’s completely different from dealing with the loneliness of actually being single. He’s coming back (and you know when), you get communication from him regularly. Don’t sweat it so much. Just enjoy what you do have.

  2. Marie says:

    Are you just supposed to stay at home and wait for him coming back?

  3. CM says:

    Ahhh i’d feel exactly the same if my boyfriend wen’t away!
    You’ve just got to keep yourself active so you’re not constantly thinking about him.
    I know how you feel though. I spend every weekend with my boyfriend and we stop at each others houses and every sunday night i feel so depressed because i know i have to wait untill i can spend the night with him again (coz of college and work). But ye just try and go out with you’re mates and stuff =/

  4. nJ 사랑 says:

    It kills me too being lonely because of a long distance relationship. What I tend to do is take the time when we’re not together and work up to something that’ll provide for the both of us in the future. Whatever you got going on in your life that you need to finish, then do it while he’s gone. That way, you’ll have more time together when he’s actually there ^_^ It’s okay to be lonely because of him but just make sure you express those feelings to him. That’ll make you feel a lot better and help you guys grow more 🙂

  5. slodrick says:

    well mine is a womens basketball coach. at a div 3 school in indana. we have our ups and downs. but i can/t disapoint a wonderfull woman. she/s a brunette. i know how you feel. just take it one day at a time.

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