How do you deal with someone who always begins any sentence with?

How do you deal with someone who always begins
any sentence with the words: " According to prophecy…"

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19 Responses to “How do you deal with someone who always begins any sentence with?”

  1. smith says:

    fick off

  2. Darwin says:

    Yes. What prophecy? Whose prophecy? Prove it.

  3. Timothy K says:

    Punch their prophecy ass in the face.
    And stomp on their bible.

  4. t1great says:

    just say yeah whatever if you say so

  5. FAIRYGIRL says:

    You sound like you are mixing with some odd people….who the heck starts a sentence with that??

  6. darwinsfriend3 AM says:

    Ignore them.
    Those 3 words mean that whatever they are about to say is rubbish.

  7. jordan says:

    i’d listen to the whole sentance and then say "yeh" then start walking

  8. Ũniνέгsäl Рдnтs P3D™ says:

    I would start to giggle…

  9. zaatheist says:

    You know the BS is about to flow.

  10. Free says:

    i don’t know anyone who does this. if i did, i think i would keep my distance.

  11. Kemo sabe says:

    You say, "And your point is?"

  12. ▒Ðαη†єs says:

    Nothing just let them–that’s what I do–many times they can’t even link up their proof texts to back up the claim or usually they simply claim things which are not really happening.

    I can’t recall how many times I heard people warning about Armageddon in weeks or "next year" since I was a kid.

  13. David H says:

    I suppose it would depend on how knowledgeable of prophecy they were. It is not a very well understood subject. Usually when someone starts their sentences with "according to prophecy" it is nothing of the sort.

  14. Common says:

    Prophesy is good.

    I hope you don’t mind:

    God said.

    God said, "You will know truth by the prophesy, if it comes true.

  15. sunshineview says:

    According to factual evidence and simple common sense……

  16. Crowkit says:

    Give him or her a damn good slap every time they say it … they’ll soon stop.

  17. Major Trouble - KMA says:

    The vault doors known as my ears slam shut!

  18. Cajunboy says:

    Even Prophecy can be proven through your own life!

    Simply TEST GOD! God tells us we can test him by measuring the success, and peace in our lives WITH him, as compared to the terrible lives and pitiful lives we partake of WITHOUT HIM.

    I did and GOD works in my life! I challenge you all to do the same, or you can be like the many who go through the Wilderness in confusion, and worry and unsuccessful in life and love and NOT follow God!

  19. June smiles says:

    Let them speak, it doesn’t impact you. Should they be annoying you, tell them you don’t have the time to listen.

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