How do you get pizza hut vouchers?

I ordered some dominos food online and I got sent out vouchers with really good offers and I was wondering if the same thing happens when you buy food online from pizza hut? Thanks

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7 Responses to “How do you get pizza hut vouchers?”

  1. mets rule says:

    check online alot of sites offer coupons you can print out online, also sometimes they might give you a coupon when you eat their and also when you order from their. and last when you buy choclate almonds from fundraisers they always have coupons on the box for a free pizza

  2. Jesus N says:

    Na only busy’s get discounts from them..

  3. Kitty P says:

    they come in the mail and some times you can get them there depending on were you go

  4. reneethen says:

    Probably you’ll get vouchers from pizza hut two.

  5. gigine1966 says:

    why would you want to eat anything from pizza hut

  6. POC215 says:

    Why would you want them, it’s all frozen food in there!!

  7. joey m says:

    greedy a$$

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