How do you get sales experience to become a recruitment consultant?

Ive been in recruitment within an hr setting for 7 years and i now want to become a recruitment consultant but i dont have any sales experience. How do i get this when i work full time? Even some trainee jobs require some sales experience.

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2 Responses to “How do you get sales experience to become a recruitment consultant?”

  1. Shivaram Swamy says:

    Getting sales experience is easy – sell some products on ebay and amazon – and then add it in your resume.

  2. J says:

    This to me seems all about your CV.
    If you can get across in your CV how much you want something and your desire to succeed and train in a certain area then someone will give you a chance.
    Tweak your CV, add a mission statement and post it on monster and fish for jobs. You may find that you will get a start for an independent agency not blue chip but you can gain experience there .
    You have to be passionate at your interviews and "SELL YOURSELF" If you can sell yourself then guess what?? You can sell!!!.
    Keep on applying, never give up and you will get your chance.
    Good luck

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