How do you get student discount on MacBooks?

I’m getting a MacBook Pro in the new few days and I’m planning on going down to the store (in London) instead of doing it online. I know you can get about 10% off or so when you’re at university or just accepted but when you go to the store to buy it, how do you get this discount? do you have to prove you’re at Uni? etcc
btw I’ve just been accepted into Uni so I don’t have a student card and what not

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2 Responses to “How do you get student discount on MacBooks?”

  1. bluesceenofdeath says:

    You will need to contact Apple and ask them what their student discount policies are.

    My guess is that you would have to show a valid student ID and another type of ID to get the discount.

  2. Uchiha says:

    I went to the manufacturers website to accomplish that same thing. XB

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