How do you go about having a yard sale?

They’re not so commonplace here, everyone just carts their stuff to the car boot sale. But I don’t have a car, so that’s out of the question, so it’ll have to be in my back garden!

How do I go about it? How much notice should I give? Where should I advertise? Should I put my address right on the advert or just leave a number to ring for more details (security reasons, to wheedle out the genuine from the not-so-genuine)?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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  1. Ruth C says:

    The best time for a yard sale is Saturday morning. No matter what time you say the sale starts, be prepared for people to show up early. Make sure you have plenty of money to give people change for their purchases. Take only cash, no checks. You can either advertise in the newspaper (3 days before the sale) or post signs. Since you say the sales are not too common, the paper may be better. Tell all your friends and neighbors that you are having a sale and ask them to let their friends know. Display your small items on tables, and if you are selling clothing, a portable rack is nice to display them. Have at least one other person to help, maybe someone strong if you are selling furniture or other heavy items. Set definite hours, maybe 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. I would go for the address, strangers will be coming and they need to know where you are. Constantly telling people on the telephone gets very tedious (I have done it both ways)
    Good luck!

  2. john s says:

    You could do one of two things to get notice about a yard sale.
    1. Hang flyers around the town with address and time and date on them, hang them on telephone poles, etc.
    2. Call you friends, tell them, tell them to tell their friends, etc.

  3. T C says:

    A good idea to get rid of your stuff. Where I live we get quite a few of these,mostly advertised in the local newspaper.Usually they give 1wks notice,the address is usually on the ad,depends on what sort of area you live in. If you’re apprehensive about including your address then just use your ‘phone no. You could put up flyers on local shops,through letterboxes in your area. Hope it goes well!

  4. handygirl says:

    if you have a local paper, you can advertise there the week before. but if this is too expensive, get some hot pink billboard from Walmart ($1.00 each) and use permanent marker to make up signs for your street. do this regardless if you advert in the paper. use BOLD letters so drivers can see it easy and put in prominent locations like near main thourogh faires or highways. Indicate the address or how far in miles the yard sale is as well as the dates. don’t post on public poles as you can get in big trouble for this…get some wood stakes at the Home Depot or make your own. try to get alot of stuff together to advert as BIG YARD SALE cuz people don’t like to drive out to find only one little table of crap. join with your friends or family if you can. make sure to take down your signs when done so you don’t litter.

  5. Knight Crusader says:

    Set a date. Print some flyers with the words "Yard Sale – Date" followed by address and tel number.

    Stick up the flyers all over town about one week prior to the sale.

    Morning of the sale, put all your junk in the yard (on tables if poss). Good Luck..

  6. Texas Pineknot says:

    Well here, you can find a yard sale just about every where you look and I’ve had lots of them. First gather all your stuff and round up some tables to put your stuff on. Call the newspaper and place an ad for a yard sale at least a week before, or if you don’t have some sort of free ad newspaper just make up flyers and hang them in stores, laundromats, etc.
    Hang signs with directions to your house, I never put my phone #, also put one in your yard so people know they’re in the right spot. Set up your stuff the night before if possible or get up really early and get everything out.(I’ve had folks show up at my house at daybreak!) Make sure you have change and a money box. That’s about it, good luck!

  7. BETTY D says:

    Put an advert in your local paper,saying when and where. And a notice outside your house.
    The local shops, for a small fee can put up an
    advert for you, and local supermarkets, tend
    to allow them for free.
    All you need now is a nice sunny day. And make sure your house is locked up safely from
    intruders. Good luck

  8. gemma r says:

    (around a week before) put posters on lamp posts, shop windows etc. write on them some of the stuff you are selling and for what sort of prices. leave your mobi number, that way, if anyone is really interested they will call. also put a sign up on the day outside your house and anyone walking past will nip in for a look. you wont get people then that have planned to come for the wrong reasons. i hope it goes well!

  9. K's Mom says:

    Known as Garage Sales in the USA and car boot sales in the UK—–
    In the UK, best place to post things is in grocery stores and busy intersections. But in doing this you do have to give out your address of course. Just be safe and keep the front of your house shut up and curtains closed in the front of the house so no one can peer in and "case the joint" so to speak. You might list your bigger items in the local paper or stuff. If you can find a table and to it in your front garden you’ll have more traffic by. Just make sure you have signs so people know you are selling stuff and not just clearing out the house! *L* You might also post one on a pole near childrens schools or something. Don’t put one at the magic round about or in a pub….you might get more than you bargained for!

    If you change your mind and think it too much of a security risk, then ask a friend…who has a car to do a boot sale with you and come to some arrangement in splitting the money or marking things with yours/thier initials on tape as is done in the us.

  10. painterlady says:

    Handygirl gave you good advice, I noticed some said to give your phone number. Don’t give your number there is no reason too, just put the address, hours for each day held, and list some of what you have such as baby clothes, antiques, toys, and misc.

  11. jchar says:

    steps to a successful yard sale. price things reasonably. overpricing wont sell. the best place to advertise is your neighborhood paper this reaches the people closest to where you live, and a week to a couple of days before the sale. yard salers check news ads one or two days ahead so as to plan all the sales possible that day

  12. Belize Missionary says:

    it appears that ppl have given some good solid advice – about not giving out your phone #, etc.

    a little more advice. have a friend come over and bring her stuff. that way you will have a extra person to keep an eye on things if you get into a conversation with someone.

    put a sign on the garden gate that says something silly like "Early Birds Feed to the Cat- sale starts at 8 am!" so that ppl are not trying to buy things before you are ready.

    have coffee or bottled water & soft drinks for sale as well.

    have a spot near the entrance/exit where you put a few ‘free’ items. magazines are a good ‘freebie’ item. also anything that you think of as ‘junk’ but it is still usable. who knows which kid ‘needs’ that toy from a box of cereal! :~}

    use a money belt, rather than a money box. that way if you get distracted your hard earned money is safe.

    most of all have fun. this should be a way to make more space in your home and earn a few extra dollars – but it should not be stressful.

    hope this helps

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