How do you improve your sales?

How do you increase sales when you are working door-to-door on commission?

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2 Responses to “How do you improve your sales?”

  1. Bob D says:

    read this book. tom hopkins "the art of selling’ it changed my life,and made me a master in closing sales. i can close you have got to read this.

  2. Michael J says:

    What sort of person would you buy from?
    Smile. Be friendly and polite but not familiar. Try to ascertain from the customer what his interests and needs are and then try to show a benefit your product will give him. Be honest. If the product is not for him tell him. But leave your card so that if his circumstances change he may contact you, or recommend you to a friend or relative.
    Be persuasive but don’t hard sell – it irritates people.
    Don’t get downhearted by refusals – most people do say no. But you will get a kick when someone buys.
    Best of luck!!

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