How do you know if your DVD disc is regional free?

Hi all 🙂

I am moving from England to America, and I am taking some DVD discs with me. Now, I have ordered both of the discs off and I want to know if I can play these DVD’s in America or not.
I have heard that if they are Regional Free, I can play them anywhere, but if they are Regional 2, they can only be played in Europe.

How do I know if my DVD’s are Regional Free or not??


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5 Responses to “How do you know if your DVD disc is regional free?”

  1. roguehessen says:

    Oliver, It is possible to make a DVD Player region free.
    This means regardless of where you buy the DVD´s you can play them on your DVD Player.

    Go to the link below Its a start. But you can change most codes on a DVD player by normally, Powering it up, Opening the tray and entering a numerical PIN code on the Remote.

    Good luck.

  2. aluminae says:

    In the manual it should say multiregional somewhere.

  3. Stevo says:

    It says on the back of the disc whether its region free or not i.e if you see a number with a world symbol behind it thats the region its locked to.

    You could just make sure you get a region free dvd player which would play any region

    The regions are split up over the world its down to the DVD player whether it would play region 2 dvds just get a region free dvd player. or look on the net for how to hack the dvd player to make it region free

    this would be a start

  4. g.m says:

    its the dvd player "make sure the dvd player you get once there is multi region" (no probs then)

  5. julies t says:

    no you cant but ebay are selling an unlock code for dvds as uk is code 02 i think usa are code 04 buy the codes and unlock almost all dvds

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