How Do You Send A Package? (uk)?

My boyfriend and I live miles apart so we’re spending Christmas apart this year, so I have to send him his Christmas present rather than give it to him in person.
I was wondering how to send one as I’ve never sent one before? It’s a gift set so it’s going to come to me in a box and I was wondering if I could open it, wrap up his present, then re-use the box? Also do I need stamps?
If you could, both tracked and untracked answers would be brilliant.
PLEASE be as specific and detailed as possible.
It’s going to stay in the UK as we both live in the UK.

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4 Responses to “How Do You Send A Package? (uk)?”

  1. Andi says:

    Seriously think about buying it on say
    and have them deliver it direct to him – you can include gift wrap / message also.
    it is pack it well (its going to get bundled in with others not stacked nicely)
    – fill out the customs duty form (even if you say gift, it may still incur duty in the UK)
    – pay whatever postage it is from where you are (you don’t say…)
    Only you know the post, DHL/FedEx /other courier services available where you are.
    But courier will be fastest, but most expensive (but probably not by much !)
    courier will be fully tracked also.

  2. peanut 2 says:

    1 – You wrap the package up, in a box or bag depending on what it is. (if you dont have anything suitable the post office will have some boxes/bags)
    2 – Cellotape the address you want clearly (I reccomend typing it and printing it) onto the package
    3 – Go to your nearest royal mail post office
    4 – Queue up and speak to the desk say you’d like to send this. Or you can use the drop and send machines
    Its unlikely the box you get the package delivered to you will be suitable.
    If the actual gift if in a box, you could just wrap that with a few layers of wrapping paper (incase any layer gets damaged as wrapping paper is a bit flimsy) and then send it like that

  3. bobby says:

    Bring the package to a large post office in town somewhere and put the address on the package then you will be asked to put it on the scales and tell them you want to send it first class, second or economy and then they take the package through a door and you pay the price. Ask for recorded mail if it is expensive when you are telling them if you want first class or 2nd class.

  4. British says:

    Go to your post office. Simple as that. They will package it or tell you how to package it and give your boxes, then you pay for it and they send it.

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