How do you stop the sales assistant annoying you at the beauty counter?

Every time I go to a beauty counter, the sales assistants starts pestering me and basically ordering me to buy certain products. How do I ask for what I want without them making me change my mind? Do I just go up and ask for what I want? Lol, it sounds like a silly question but sometimes there can be really annoying sales assistants.

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  1. LP says:

    Sales people have to be pushy – that’s how they make their pay, I know I worked at it for 4 weeks….absolutely hated it. 1. I’m not a naturally pushy person and 2. some customers can be so rude where they don’t have to be.

    What I learn from the experience, from both sides, its definitely confidence, assertiveness and pleasantness.

    Go up to the salesperson, state what you want in a confident and assertive manner and they will react to body language and your tone of voice and sell you what you want without too much sales pitch (they have to, otherwise they might lose their jobs if the managers found out they are not pitching). However if you waiver, they will pounce and ply you with more sales pitch than neccessary. However if you do it in a more pleasant manner, they will remember that you are a no-nonsense customer who know what she wants and serve you quicker next time. Win-win situation after a couple of shops, salesperson knows what you are like and what you tend to buy so will probably pitch you the things that you tends to buy or most likely to buy and a sale. You’ll get faster, quicker, no-nonsense service than other customers and maybe taylored pitch every so often to introduce you to new products/range before others.

  2. guys shouldn't wear pink says:

    in broken english "yes can i geet ______" "sure, and can i get you some of this, it’s our new product" "me so sorry, not much english, can i geet _________"

  3. Rose says:

    Tell her, you need some time on your own. Tell her you want to decide for yourself – say it nicely then it wouldn’t hurt no-one!

    Good luck!

  4. roadhunter says:

    Tell her you don’t have any money.

  5. katrinagibson13 says:

    Be blunt, but not rude. Say "I know what I’m looking for and I don’t really need anything else, thank you". If she keeps hasseling you, ask to speak to the manager. That usually shuts them right up.

  6. Marco198 says:

    Know what you want and be more confident and assertive.

  7. Dani Babez says:

    Just Be Like Erm No I Just Want This
    Or Just Point And Pretend U Dont Talk Or Something

  8. sweetie_pie1618 says:

    Just buy the product you asked for, that will give them the clue. Its okay if you ask them to recommend you a product, but if you ask them for a certain product like a certain kind of eyeliner, and they try to sell you some face powder and eyelash curlers that you don’t want, you don’t need to buy them.

    Its their job to try and up sales at the store, so they are probably told to try to sell you stuff whether you want it or not. Don’t feel obligated to buy the product just because they are being pushy.

  9. Norma says:

    They work on commssions. Tell the Manager you will never buy anything from the store if you continue to be insulted. It happened to Robinson’s-May and Mervyn’s. Macy’s, Nordstom, and other retailers who want to shove products down your throat are old school. Retailer’s are out of touch with the needs of the people. Is it any wonder that the discount stores are winning? They want customers to make decisions for themselves. Shopper’s are not stupid even though some retailer’s prefer to believe they are.

  10. Hanny says:

    If you know what you want it basically should not be a problem. Go up and tell them you want to purchase a certain product that you need/want. If you need any advice just ask, they’re always happy to give advice as long as they know you are buying the product or if there is a chance in buying it. Most who work at beauty counters are really nice if not a bit pushy. If they start reccomending you to buy other products, just keep in mind that is not what you came for, and it probably will not work either, it’s a sales ploy.

    Hope I helped!

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