How Do You Think Any New Gun Legislation Will Play Out?

If they ban the sales of handguns, and or semi-auto rifles, are they going to forcefully confiscate the millions that are currently legally owned?
This sounds like gestapo tactics, that’s why I don’t think it will happen

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5 Responses to “How Do You Think Any New Gun Legislation Will Play Out?”

  1. Legio XVII says:

    Political suicide for any Congress member who touches it.

  2. Spock (rhp) says:

    nothing of substance will be passed.
    it’s just sheeple bleating. forget them.

  3. Dreaded Rear Admiral says:

    This is the point I was trying to raise earlier.
    Yes, some citizens will turn in their weapons, but the majority will not. Thankfully, good, little citizens who had to register their firearms have made it easy on the government and they can simply knock on the owner’s door and order them to had over the guns.
    This, of course, warms the very soul of many a liberal.
    Now, what do you do about the rest of us? There really aren’t that many options other than search/seizure and relying on neighbors, friends and family to tun in others.
    I hope to hell liberals start getting concerned on the last point.
    What will be the next thing the government collects “for the good of the people”?
    But, in the end, nothing will happen. Libs will bleat on and act morally superior, claiming that they are the only ones who are about the children. They’ll continue to demean and vilify anyone who disagrees with them. But, that’s just about it.

  4. B says:

    The price of guns going up on the black market.

  5. Raymond L. says:

    1% chnace of that happening…..

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