How Does 1-800 Flowers Business Model Work?

What is the profit margin for floral arrangements?
What is the acceptable margin? (meaning, how much can a florist reduce that margin to when giving discounts or partnering with another business that will share its profit. Think of 1800 flowers.) Example: $40.00 flower arrangement. How much profit margin? How much is an acceptable margin after discount/profit cut?
How does the business model of 1800 flowers work? If its a partnership with local florists, how much cut does 1800 flowers get on an average product?
Are there predetermined floral arrangements that the local florist and 1800 flowers agreed to?
Does 1800 flowers receive payment from customer directly, and is later billed by the local florist?
I’m assuming that once 1800 flowers complete transaction with customer and obtain purchase and delivery instructions, they then transfer information to local florist in the delivery area for product and service to be rendered. How does this process work? E-mailed instructions to local florist? Automatic notice of transaction and corresponding instructions?
Is there an agreed upon “territory” for the local florist, in that only he can receive orders from 1800 flowers in the area? How is such territory made? Is it by zip code? etc…

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