How Does Buying An E-ticket For Disneyland Work?

i understand you print out the e-ticket and bring it tot he park with you.
what i don’t get is how you receive an actual ticket.
from what i’ve found out you literally take the paper to the turnstile and they hand you a hard ticket but do the cast members really just have hundreds of tickets in various amounts of days and both ticket options in their pocket and they hand you the ticket that corresponds with your e-ticket???
that just doesn’t make sense to me.
i feel like it would make more sense to take your e-ticket to the will call window and have them exchange the voucher for the actual ticket.
so do you really just go to the turnstile and they hand you the correct ticket and its fast and easy or what?

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2 Responses to “How Does Buying An E-ticket For Disneyland Work?”

  1. Beep Beep Meow says:

    No, this is 2013. They have printers at the turnstiles that spit out a valid ticket when they scan your e-ticket.

  2. Ariel ☮ says:

    Nope, what you heard is right.
    You take your ticket to the turnstile, and they scan it and print you out a regular ticket that you can use for fastpasses, etc. It’s all electronic — the ticket that prints out will be specific to the ticket you paid for (ie. park hopper, etc.)
    It’s just as fast and easy as it sounds!

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