How Does Hud Work As Far As Rental Assistants For Apartments?

I am a full time college student who is living in dorms right now. Next year, me and 3 friends want to get an apartment. We found a 4 bedroom student apartment about 15mins away from the campus.
–the only problem with that is the rent is like $400 a piece….and all of the apartments are like that around here because we live in a college town…… on the website for this paticular apartment, there was a link to the HUD website…….i seen something about Section 8, who gives a voucher to pay for all or most of the rent (according to the site) and then something else for rental assistance, where apartments owners reduce rent to low income tenants….how does this work??? how do i go about getting assistance with the $400 a months, as i said before, im a college student, so i cant afford that…

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2 Responses to “How Does Hud Work As Far As Rental Assistants For Apartments?”

  1. Wayne Z says:

    Section 8 is generally for low income persons with kids and the waiting list can be months or years long.
    If you want to live there, you will have to get a job.

  2. Flower says:

    You cannot qualify if you are a student. There is a waiting list several years long which gives preference to seniors and disabled.

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