How Does One Tell True Alpaca Rugs?

Known to be the one of the highest living animals, the alpaca can be found 14,000 feet up the Andes mountain in South America. This native animal of Peru is the source of one of the most luxurious furs in the world. Known for luxury, alpaca rugs are soft and excellent in quality. While looking to find a real and natural experience with rugs, this is a good way to go. Originally available in only white, people voiced their concerns as demand for many other color options increased and their wish was granted. They can be found in tan, brown and even black. With a variety of designs, these rugs are beautiful and are one of a kind. One can definitely find a design that best suits their taste and in the process find great ideas to go with the design.

In order to give it the long lasting quality, some companies produce chromium cured alpaca. Maintaining the natural quality, it is further enhanced to produce a product with more value. Alpaca rugs come in various designs, ranging from animal designs, southernwestern designs, geometric designs and the list is endless. They can be used to highlight walls and as pieces of decor at the feet of your bed. Due to its natural advantage, these rugs hard attract rough and stubborn stains, thanks to a natural oily substance that repels most stains. Therefore, it is also very easy to clean the rug. By using baby powder or even corn starch, one can clean the rug spotless clean using a household cleaning brush.

This cleaning option is a household one and if you feel that a professional is better placed to ease your work, a carpet cleaner can do an excellent job with a bit of expense. Alpaca rugs provide daily bread to many people who engage in basically threading the rugs together in Peru. By taking their time to ensure quality, these rugs are some of the leading and most thought after in the world. By incorporating traditional designs and now some modern touch, great masterpieces continue to grace and beautify many homes around the world with their trail leaving luxury and comfort to residents.

Some companies sell products that are totally not authentic. How does one tell a true alpaca rug and close shop for fake product dealers? A true alpaca rug should be soft and fluffy in texture. They should come in the earlier declared colors. If you come across rugs that are too colorful, then probably they are not 100% alpaca. One should inquire about their source, whether or not they are handcrafted and all this should come with some kind of documentation for proof. One should compare prices and find out why some sellers have very low price tags. It is a rewarding experience to own a furry alpaca rug and various other products that can be produced from the soft fur of the alpaca. One can read quality charts at sites that are dedicated to alpaca. The most important factor to consider when searching for alpaca is quality, I can not stress too much on that. It will be great to discover some of the best comforts that can only be bought by alpaca rugs.

Source by Peter Gitundu

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