How does one use Boots vouchers?

I got this voucher, i think its worth five pounds. Would I have to pay with reall money or could i just use the voucher if i wannna buy some make up worth four pounds??
@ Sayed…okay lol

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4 Responses to “How does one use Boots vouchers?”

  1. Head for the hills! says:

    Their vouchers don’t cover anything worth less than about £7 generally speaking.
    You just use it like cash, hand it over with the remaining money owed.

  2. Sayed says:

    You sound like the Queen.

  3. Olivia Rose <3 says:

    You could use the voucher, however, you would be losing a pound aha, the counter assistant may encourage you to buy something that uses your entire voucher. But if you want to use that im sure it wouldnt be a problem. Hope this helps

  4. ♥ caroline ♥ says:

    You can only use it to buy something £5 or over and then you just pay the extra.

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