How Does Section 8 Housing Work?

I live in an apartment building where there are good amount of section 8 renters. Yesterday i got a letter on my door from my property manager stating that rents are rising. He rose our rent $50.00. My wife’s friend comes knocking on the door very upset because she to got a letter from the manager but he is raising her rent $288.00. She was livid stating she is on section 8 and she may not be able to afford her rent. Growing up I too was on section 8 but my mother never talked to us about finances so I don’t know the rules. I guess my questions are
1. Are landlords allowed to charge over a section 8 voucher?
2. If the landlord wants to raise rent on a section 8 renter don’t they have to take that up with the housing authority and not the renter?
3. Is it in violation for a section 8 renter to not have a lease? It seems odd that they would allow month to month tenants on a housing voucher. I would think that section 8 would want all their renters to be in a legally binding contract/lease.
Thanks for the help.

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  1. Flower says:

    1. No. You cannot rent an apartment for more than the payment standard allows for that size.
    2. Landlords must request a rent increase through the Housing Authority Section 8 program, and you are notified about the rent increase. You still pay 1/3 of your household income for rent. The notice is just to tell you that Housing is paying more of your rent.
    3. Yes, all landlords are required to offer a tenant a 1-year lease. After the year is up, the tenancy can go month to month. Landlords can then give a tenant 30 days notice at any time for any reason without a lease.

  2. Pascal the Gambler says:

    1. Yes, what someone’s section 8 voucher is for has nothign to do with the cost of the rent.
    2. No they do not
    3. I think on section 8 you must have a lease, but not sure. They may allow it to lapse and become month to month, but you need at least an initial lease I believe.
    Section 8 pays for PART of the rent, not all of it.

  3. acermill says:

    You have multiple questions, and I will address each. Yes, landlords are allowed to charge rents over and over and above what Sec 8 pays. Yes landlords are allowed to raise the rent value when any Sec. 8 lease contract is facing renewal. Yes, it is a violation of Sec 8 law to NOT have a lease contract.

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