How Does The Flexible Cash Fund Work For Job Seekers?

i’ve got an interview this week and have no smart clothes (OR SHOES) because i’ve just come back from having lived abroad for along time and had to leave most my stuff there. the guy in the job centre i can apply to the “flexible cash fund” for interview clotehs. my questions are –
1) can i get money for shoes too? i can’t go an interview in trainers!
2)should i get the job, can i apply for clothes to wear for the job??? can i even do this BEFORE being offered the job (cos i think the guy told me once i have a job, i can’t apply for this help)………..
3)how does it work? do they give u vouchers for a certain shop or reimburseyou or……..?
4)what other things can u apply for? i need help with everything, the jsa is so little when u dont even have a base!!!

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3 Responses to “How Does The Flexible Cash Fund Work For Job Seekers?”

  1. Flatulent Hermit of Lindisfarne says:

    They do have funds for things like this but it’s discretionary meaning they can choose whether or not to give you anything at all and can decide how much they are giving you if anything, there are no set rates for these payments, it all depends how much they have and how much they think you need it.
    Other things you can apply for are public transport tokens, the jobcentre has deals in place with a number of bus and train companies.

  2. Jan409 says:

    When my son got his job,he got a £50 vouher for Topman
    That bought him 2 shirts and one pair of dress trousers
    Try charity shops, it’s amazing what you can pick up there for a few pounds

  3. Jo W says:

    Could I suggest something which might also be useful? If you google on the word Freecycle and add your nearest town, you’ll get details of your nearest Freecyle group. As the names suggests, everything is free – and people often give away clothes and shoes in excellent condition.

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