How Does The National Guard Work?

For me, I’m considering joining for the benefits, I want to go to college for premed, first 2 years community college for an associates degree, and then to a private college for bachelors.
But do you need a diploma to join? I’ll join when I turn 17, but I won’t have a diploma by then, because I’m home schooled, I plan to get a GED, but can you get that in the national guard?
Also, how does pay work, is there a predetermined monthly pay? or is there hours a week you work.
Thank you for reading.
P.S. The reason I’m thinking of joining the guard is because I was told that I can go through college and only devote a week a year and a weekend per month on it, and still be able to continue working a regular job and complete college while getting discounts, is all of this true? I would love to join if so.
I don’t mind being deployed if I can still continue college and get a GED while enlisted.

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  1. MAJ Kev says:

    Dude – for the most part, there are no benefits unless you are called up for Federal duty.
    It works like this:
    – you go to normal Army basic and advanced training; depending on the program you come in under, it can be once course over two summers, or both back to back
    – you then go back to your home, and the Guard unit you are assigned to
    – you drill one weekend a month, and two weeks during the summer
    – your pay is a set amount based on the drill periods – it is not by the hour
    – other than college money, there are really no benefits
    – if your unit is called up, and you are in college, guess what you get to do: you leave classes and get mobilized
    – the Guard will not help you get any of your high school documents

  2. Peace through blinding force says:

    Stay out. You WILL be a liability to whatever Unit is stuck with you and a danger to your Squad. “I’m considering joining for the benefits” absolutely GUARANTEES that. It also guarantees your daily routine will include prayer for an early discharge or the blessed release of sweet death – with no strong preference for which – and that this craving will begin before you even finish initial entry training.
    A MAXIMUM of 2% of enlistees can get in without an actual DIPLOMA. Dropouts and the home-schooled are lumped together for this purpose. You’ll be competing with all of them for waivers.
    Assuming you aren’t retarded, you can VERY EASILY find the pay-tables on-line.
    You will go to the same “boot camp” as the “Regular Army” then to the same specialty training as the “regulars.” After than, you’ll USUALLY Drill one weekend per month, often Friday through Sunday. Also, your “Annual Training” will USUALLY be two-weeks at a time.
    The MAIN difference between the NG and the Regular Army is that in the NG you need a job between deployments.

  3. Wine, wine U dirty skunk says:

    The Guard’s GED Plus program is gone will need a high school diploma or GED (and an ASVAB score of 50 or above) to enlist.
    You will go to Basic Training (BCT) and AIT (job training) then return back home. You will then conduct drill (training) one weekend a month and 15 days of Annual Training (AT) in the summer (usually the summer but could be anytime of the year)
    The other 326 days of the year are yours to do with what you want.
    Pay? Depends on rank and years of service. For a new E-1 you will make about $202.00 for a weekend drill and $750.00 for your AT period.

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