How Does The New York Citypass Work?

I plan on flying to New York in March and I came across the New York CityPass. I wanted to know how it works, is it a rip off? And how does it actually work? Do I just show up to each place give them the voucher and go in? Or do I give them the voucher and then have to pay a smaller fee? How does it work?

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One Response to “How Does The New York Citypass Work?”

  1. Native New Yorker says:

    My friend, the New York CityPASS is not a rip off. It has been around for more than 15 years. It’s a way to save money when visiting the city’s top attractions.
    The pass, which is a actually a booklet, let you save up to 46% on the best New York attractions, included museums, the Statue of Liberty, the Top of the Rock Observatory at Rockefeller Center, and the Circle Line Ferry Tour among others.
    Its like going to the supermarket and presenting your coupon at check-out. You will save a lot, which means more money in your pocket.
    I hope this information is very helpful.
    Good luck
    Native New Yorker

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