How does the sale of vinyls compare to that of the CD nowadays?

Has the sales of CDs been affected by the internet downloads?
Does anybody manufacture vinyls anymore and is it profitable to do so?
Are cassette tapes still available? (Surely not)
Is Digital Audio Tape (DAT) still been sold?
I love downloading music and feel that I deserve this luxury as I have paid twice for the music I own – Once when I bought the vinyls then for the second time when I upgraded to compact disc. I am glad I never got talked into buying the DAT version.
I am also paying twenty quid a month for my broadband connection which enables me to download music. Over a life time this would probably mean I have spent more money doing this than the fortunes I have spent on discs.

What is the next step in this cultural and technological revolution going to be?

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5 Responses to “How does the sale of vinyls compare to that of the CD nowadays?”

  1. Twisted_Ace says:

    Vinyl – sales are still quite healthy and have actually increased by 15% over the last five years. Not a huge rise admittedly, but considering vinyl was regarded as ‘dead’ 20 years ago, it’s pretty respectable.

    Audio cassete – almost, if not totally defunct as a pre-recorded medium and not very healthy as far as home recording goes. It only ever had convenience as its selling point anyway, as the sound quality from tape was never very good.

    DAT – as the dodo.

    Minidisc – fossilized.

    CD – sales have slumped due to on-line downloads, but it will not go away as a music medium until something better comes along.
    Some people actually like to have decent sound quality – iPods and mp3 players do not have decent sound quality, due to their compressed formet.
    Until a music medium comes along that can improve upon the sound quality of CDs (DVD-A and SACD have never really taken off), the humble silver disc will have many years of life left in it.

  2. kjuhukk says:

    The next step is

  3. tippjack says:

    the old 45 @ 78,s sold a lot more cause for a start you could not copy,vinyl is still produced but for a nit ch market i.e DJ,s and the the next few years all music will be downloaded

  4. RT says:

    In the next few years we will see a decline in music being made on recordings because there won’t be any money in it to do so because everybody is ripping it off for free. Freeloaders will be responsible for the loss of new and great music in our cultures world wide. Odd that people can afford computers and sit around all day ripping off music, but can’t afford to get off their seat and go buy the music.

  5. galyamike says:

    LPs anr still made for a niche market and, of course, there are millions still out there in private collections, charity-shops, boot-sales and so on. With really good playback equipment the sound from LPs is at least as good as anything else available. The contemporary trends are for quantity rather than quality – anyway, for most popular music quality is irrelevant. MP3 is rubbish, except for its convenience in downloading. Cassette tapes can provide quite a good quality sound, although not up to that of LPs.

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