How else can i get the early discount fare?

I have a Natwest solo card which i can not use to buy train tickets online. How else can i get the early booking discount without booking online?

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  1. ziggy_brat says:

    Go to the nearest train station and book in person.

  2. EMILY S says:

    book it the fast ticket way using the button online, it reserves it for you, you go to the machine then u pick them up on theday

  3. tutormike says:

    Contrary to the preceding answers, you will not be able to pay for your ticket, either at a station window, or in ticket machine, using either Sole or Electron cards.

  4. jungle_james83 says:

    Backing up the last answer, you wont be able to get the advance purchase tickets. The only way of booking these is either online or on the phone, none of which accept Solo.
    When picking up your tickets from the fast ticket machine, as one person suggested, you still have to pay for the ticket online, as you have already worked out you cant do.
    So unfortuantely your left to buying your ticket at the station. Meaning the cheapest you can get is either the cheap day return/ single, or the saver return/ single. Do you know anybody with a different debit/ credit card? If so, get them to pay for you and give them the money back.
    Sorry but thats about the only way of getting advance purchase tickets when you have a solo card.

  5. Badwolf says:

    unfortunatly daisy no station will be able to take either Solo or Visa Electron cards, this also includes online purchases, the only way you could possibly get round this is if a memeber of your family has a credit card they can purchase the tickets for you.

    Good Luck

  6. paof2 says:

    Go to your nearest cash point, withdraw cash, then go to the station and see the ticket staff.

    Give it as much advance time as you can.

    Good luck.

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