how exactly do you buy an item on

i search for something i want, and many results come up, but when i click on the buy now category, all products have buy now beside them…on the far right i see the time left…time left for what?????? when u can buy now…!! i don’t get this…please help

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  1. womblesmate says:

    It’s just like an auction where you bid on an item. If you win you buy the item then theysell it to you or you go and pick it up.
    Hope this helps. Happy bidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. dreams says:

    Sometime they are listed as buy it now or bid.. for the same item.. if you click on but it now then the sale will end and it will be yours.
    The time left is for the bidding
    You pay by Paypal if you have it or by one of the ways the seller has listed on the page.
    Hope that helps

  3. Angelic Julie says:

    items that are in the auctions can have a starting price which can go up as more people bid on it

    they can also have \Buy It Now prices where that is the price you pay and it will not go up

    a seller can put both an auction starting price AND a Buy It Now price on if they want to give a buyer the chance to buy it immediately for a higher price

  4. wilma says:

    Do you have an account with eday? the time is the left in the auction. if you buy now. you will receive a email from ebay & the seller

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