How far is the Blue Snowballs sound range?

Hey, I create gaming commentaries on YouTube and have been doing a bit of research on the Blue microphones. I was originally set on the Yeti but from various reviews I’ve decided the Snowball is the best for the price and quality. How far can the Snowball record high quality sound from?

I’m thinking of having the microphone positioned on a small table infront of my PVR and TV just under a meter away from where I’ll be sitting/talking. Will the Snowball be able to pick up the sound in high quality? Any other tips or advice you have for it please leave me, thank you.
The mic

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One Response to “How far is the Blue Snowballs sound range?”

  1. Paula says:

    Sound recording is mostly done with the microphone as close as possible to the sound source.

    I can make 2 suggestions :
    Go to a store that deals in sound systems and ask there.
    Buy the mic and use trial and error.

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