How good are these specs for a gaming pc?

Here is a link to the pc that i am looking at buying:

Is it good for the price? please don’t just say yes or no, say what is good and bad about each part because i am new to gaming PCs and would like a bit of feedback for how each part would be able to perform. thanks 🙂

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2 Responses to “How good are these specs for a gaming pc?”

  1. Odey Evboren says:

    lol yep those are amazing specs. AMD with 8gb RAM u can run a bit of games on that. i say good deal. i have 4gb ram and run perfectly

  2. Adam says:

    This looks like a great PC to me and very good value for money, it is actually fairly similar to my PC.

    First of all, the CPU is a quad core at a rather high 3.6 ghz, which will definitely be able to handle quite a lot. Mine only runs at 3.5ghz which is pretty similar and that runs all the newest games very well.

    Secondly, the motherboard is also quite good as it has usb3.0 ports and is overall is a good motherboard as I know someone who has the same motherboard as this and it was great.

    It also has 8gb of RAM . I would say a decent gaming computer should have 4gb – 8gb of RAM to run games at a good quality, and this computer fits within that boundary.

    The next thing is the graphics card which is the ‘GTX 650’. To be honest, this isn’t the best card for gaming and I would suggest upgrading in the future, but if you cannot afford any more than this then it should be fine for now as it should run most of the newest games at 1080p , or at least 720p which is still HD. (If you have the resolution at 1080p the frame rate will be lower so you have to compromise, and sorry if im insulting your knowledge but i thought i might as well add this in just in case).

    Another thing however which is amazing about this is that it comes with windows 7 which would usually cost an extra £100 or so.

    Everything else such as the power supply and optical drive looks fine.

    Overall, I would definitely say this is a great value for money and the only thing which i could possibly say is not the best is the graphics card, which to be honest, will still be fine, but my personal preference is being able to run all games in 1080p, but if it comes to it, 720p is still very good.

    I hope I have been a good help to you and good luck buying a new PC 🙂

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