How has Her Majesty the Queen dealt with Quebec separatists in the Canadian part of her realm?

Over many years of her reign, she has had to deal with a separatist movement in Canada. How has Her Majesty dealt with the separatists?

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6 Responses to “How has Her Majesty the Queen dealt with Quebec separatists in the Canadian part of her realm?”

  1. Bloody Brilliant says:

    She does what the rest of Canada tries to do…. ignore them.

  2. HellsBells says:

    We have a ‘Republican’ effort in progress. The U.S.A. has ‘won’ this experiment. That is why we are in the E.U.

    All our Monarch has left us is our Holy Bible (A.K.J.V.) and no one wants to use that as God and Jesus are political.

    Ch.4 – 4 thought (29 Oct.) gives a lot of "food for thought". Ouija Board uses take note. (save time and money.)

  3. MHG says:

    She pretends that she can’t understand them because they insist on speaking French. The Queen simply shrugs her shoulders and hopes nobody will guess that she is actually fluent in the language.

  4. Celia H says:

    She doesn’t invite them to tea at Buck House. This pleases both parties.

  5. Lord Lucan says:

    She quite rightly ignores them, dear boy. You know, if it were up to yours truly, one would round them up and send them packing to France. Let us see how they should like that!

  6. capitalgentleman says:

    She doesn’t have to do anything. There is no "Canadian part of her realm."

    However, as Queen of Canada, she speaks fluent French, which often surprises, and delights les Quebecois. In fact, her current government in Quebec is a Separatist one. But, that’s the will of the people, and, as always, she respects the people, and their wishes.

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