How has the Marks and Spencer food brand been repositioned through its advertising?

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4 Responses to “How has the Marks and Spencer food brand been repositioned through its advertising?”

  1. arancione_naranja says:

    it’s changing its image from the Marks and Spencers of old, which only people of a seemingly ‘higher’ class shopped at, to the new ‘M&S’. it’s making it seem more modern, while still keeping some of its prestige. – the food adverts are a good example for that. it’s opening up new markets for it, for younger people, maybe.
    it’s not just seen for underwear anymore. it’s started to be classed as a good shop for almost everything, but then it’s in danger of becoming a jack-of-all-trades, because it’s trying to be good at too many things, instead of having a focus.

  2. lulu says:

    They have always promoted the image of quality. I don’t see this changing because of the current campaign, but it must be making more people aware.

    Note, I think the campaign has been excellent, I drool over every advert.

  3. says:

    Meg: well according towards to "Company’s Food Corpations
    of today there is alot like !Webber Bread, Doritos, GoldenGrain
    Nabisco, Generalmills, they prefer with "Business Stocks for
    manufactor’s contracts depending upon Mark &Spencer branch
    excpt Del monty products too! see

  4. robert m says:

    I think the advertising has been about positioning the food as aspirational and reinforcing the quality, then they have actually done a lot on products to provide a really broad range of services, from opening instore coffee shops, quick service morning/lunchtime snacks, to new product range, and even delivery (for commercial/business not individuals!)

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