How Has The Republican Party Helped The Poor In The Last 28 Yrs?

Taking away their dependency on welfare making them better off for the labor market.
Fighting against minimum wage so more jobs are available and those people who take those jobs can acquire new skills to earn better wages in the future.
Cut taxes as to let more investment and more business provide opportunities for themselves to make money. And the secret to that helping the poor is, these businesses need workers they can pay!
Cut Federal Student loans as to force the price of college down so people can afford it or use private student loans.
Create a voucher program for public schools so public schools have to compete for people to attend their class. Gives an incentive to improve the quality of schools so a High School Diploma means more and their students are even more ready for the labor market.
Policies that cut cost of living and doing business.
Personal Freedom = Personal Responsibility
Broke is temporary, poor is a state of mind…
We want the broke to not stay broke.
Last but not least, their philosophy proves to be the most empathetic to the problem of the poor being poor. Why? Because they believe in free market capitalism and as Milton Friedman states, there is no other system in the world that has been more effective in helping people from being poor or ridding people of being poor.
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8 Responses to “How Has The Republican Party Helped The Poor In The Last 28 Yrs?”

  1. Jonny says:

    Conservatives give more time and money to charity work than liberals do. Which means Republicans(more conservative) give more time and money to charity that Democrats do (more liberal). So there you have it over the last 28 years Republicans have done more to help the poor than Democrats. Also, notice all that money that Democrats have haphazardly thrown at the poor(via federal funds, not their own) has only increased the poverty rate, people get addicted to the handout and expect more and more.

  2. Mr. Hamilton says:

    now i bet, as the good obama supporter you are, you either (a.) forgot about the two tax cut checks you got from gwb or (b.) sent them back thinking that the liberals in power could use them better than you can…i mean after all its their money not yours …right? (sic).

  3. koalatco says:

    Have you seen the so called poor now day’s? most are 250lbs plus. they have cell phones, all the latest brand clothes, a lot are driving nice new cars. Sometimes i wish i was one of the poor!

  4. 00=9P says:

    By getting out of their way and letting them learn some responsibility. As opposed to some people who would want them to believe that the world owes them a living.

  5. SCE2AUX2 says:

    The US R├ępublican party are a communist because nationalisation AIG in 2008 !
    Attention ! The RED Republican…

  6. PCC JPM says:

    Nothing, Nada, zip, bupkis, squat, zero, keiner, etc.

  7. GOProud says:

    ????????? Please tell me how, because that does not compute!

  8. ICH8TE says:

    Good one. In fact, it gets funnier every time I read it!

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