How hectic are the boxing day sales going to be?

Also what is the best time to go to the sales ? lol

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6 Responses to “How hectic are the boxing day sales going to be?”

  1. X1X2X3 says:

    Depending on where you are in the UK, not very, because of the snow not many people will head out until monday (even some sales dont start till monday)

  2. vlLBFarLFJdprMtsOhHvtULvFgWcKUMi JvxcdnJIpwkiXrSkgJ says:

    I absolutely agree. I, too, would want to hear the solution. I’ve been thinking for awhile now and glad that someone posted. I’ll check back to find out what answer is chosen best. Thanks!

  3. Alucard_the_remorseful says:

    Hour after morning rush and around dinner times usually after everyone is already at a restaurant.

  4. Illuminati says:

    line up at 3

  5. little says:

    Hi get there before the shops open.

  6. massoudelmahdy says:

    I think in boxing day you can not find good quality thing, yes it is cheap but it is not high quality, best time to do shopping after the new year all the shops is oing be empty looking for customers.

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