How Is Math Used In Real Life (besides Money)?

You can tell time by adding and subtracting.
You know which date it is because of a series of astronomical calculations – plus you know which date will be next week since it’s all multiples of 7.
You can compare prices – and know what you CAN and CAN’T buy – using math.
You know how much a discount is on a product by multiplying percentages.
Your every move is calculated by your brain: you know if something is out of reach or if something is in your way because of how your brain deals with your dimensions, body mass and general area.
You know the temperature because of math.
You know if you have a fever or not – because of math.
You blood pressure is determined by a ratio in heart palpitations.
You can work your computer because of a binary code – with is all math.
You know how fast you’re going in your car because of math.
You know how much water to pour into your glass because of volume.
You know if something is bigger than something else because of ratios.
You know if you lose weight by doing some simple arithmetic.
The weather you watch on the evening news is all a series of statistical projections – all mathematical.
You know if you can or can’t lift something because of the ratio between the amount force that you body can execute and the amount of force needed to lift that something.
The question, really, should be: “Is there any way we DON’T use math on a daily basis?”
You see, almost everything that we know of has to do with math. If it’s not directly involved in it, math helped create it.
Hope I helped!

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2 Responses to “How Is Math Used In Real Life (besides Money)?”

  1. Matt says:

    Well besides from money you can use it to:
    Construct building (measurement)
    Measure distances betwee places
    Workout te height of a tree by just usin the shadow (or a building)
    When driving you can workout how long it will take ou to reach yor destination
    And many more that I can’t remember

  2. IHeartDu says:

    In Physics and Engineering.

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