How Is This Computer?

Is this desktop good for its price? As far as I can tell, it is. I intend to use it for gaming. Please give me your opinions and/or criticisms…

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4 Responses to “How Is This Computer?”

  1. Justin says:

    it looks like a decent computer for that price it should run all your games with no problems
    if you want even better performance (you wont need it) you can install the os onto a ssd and keep all your programs on the hdd

  2. Atlas says:

    For the money it’s decent, but as a gaming machine it won’t bring you much. The APU won’t be doing anything ‘hardcore’ so to say, you’ll be sticking to low-mid range stuff.
    Edit: It DOES tell you about the CPU and GPU, unlike what the other guy stated,

  3. Nosher ain't no pillow biter says:

    It’s a pile of shyt, it’s piling AMDull crappy graphics on top of a crappy AMDull CPU, go and buy an x-box

  4. Indike Bandara says:

    This is a good computer but only if there’s a seperate VGA at least 1GB. The processor is good for gaming and RAM and hdd are okay too.
    But I would never recommend amazon because they charge very high shipping prices. that is their trick of making money.

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