how long does a voucher last?

If i get a pay as you go sim & buy a voucher to top up , what is the time i have before i have to top up again ? as the phone wont be used much .

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  1. Jo W says:

    Check the terms and conditions for your particular voucher – there is no universal answer. Could be as short as 3 months, might be as long as two years (I’ve seen both!).

  2. 13-H-13 says:

    I think it’s a year.

  3. mαskєd lαndlσrd says:

    with giff-gaff it depends on how you use the credit.

    If you just use it for calls or texts (@8p min, 4p each) then it will last forever.

    However, they also do deals – where you pay £10 / £15 / £25 for certain things – like unlimited texts, unlimited calls, free internet or whatever. Those deals expire one month after you buy them.

    FWIW, giff gaff is good – free calls / texts to other giff gaff users (providing you top up every 3 months) and it runs on the O2 network so is reliable.

  4. Raj Kumar says:

    contact to customer care.

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