How Long Does It Take To Get A Vehicle Voucher From Dhs In Michigan?

I have recently applied to get a vehicle voucher to buy a car to get back and forth from work. I am wondering how long the process takes?
From what I understand, the agency will either mail the check to me or the dealer I applied for. I just don’t know how long it takes and my worker is terrible. She never returns my phone calls or updates me on what’s happening. I understand she’s busy, but that’s why I’m reaching out here. I am going to begin calling her daily because I keep being told to “hound” her until it happens. I’ve heard it’s taken as little as a couple of weeks to MONTHS. I’m just wondering if there is anyone who was in a similar situation? I live in Wayne County.
I am low income and just came out of a domestic violence relationship and the father of my daughter has taken our vehicle. (Registered to both of us) I don’t have the funds to purchase outright and don’t have enough for a down payment on a loan. And to be honest, a loan is not within my budget. To qualify, you have to verify that there is no local transportation available in your area – and there is not. So please don’t suggest I take a bus, cab, etc. My parents both passed away before I was 21 (I am 27 now) and I have no other family that can help. You don’t know my situation, so don’t come here to judge me. I need help, not stupid comments. Thanks for those of you willing to legitimately answer my question. I’m just a mother trying to support her daughter and I need help. We all do sometimes.

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