How long does it take to receive an order placed with Amazon?

I just ordered an article off anyone tell me how long it takes for it to arrive using their free over £15 order policy?

I have been given an expected date of 25th September.
A dispatch date of 20th September.

Has anyone had an expected date and recieved their goods prior to the date?

Help appreciated thanks.

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6 Responses to “How long does it take to receive an order placed with Amazon?”

  1. dozyllama says:

    They are the most reliable company on the Internet! I ordered the complete B5 DVD set on the 9th and received them on Friday 14th (with the free delivery). Marvellous!

  2. evafr3aky says:

    Yea I did, I use to order books off at Amazon and i get it on time

  3. joemank3 says:

    I have had good experiences with Amazon and They are usually very accurate to there prediction time.

  4. cactus says:

    They are very good with deliveries, you should get an email when the goods are dispatched. Sometimes they do deliver early.

  5. Scobill says:

    I have had items within 24 hours , but also the opposite and had to wait up to a few weeks .
    If you pay for extra for quick delivery it will normally be with you within 48 hours .
    However sometimes they are waiting on stock and that is when it takes longer .
    Your free deliver for dispatch 20 th is about the norm for for them and they will always be allowing a bit extra for delivery date , I would suggest you might get it on Monday 24th .

  6. Sparky says:

    Usually receive goods early with Amazon, within 7 days.

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