How Long does post take to arrive in Ireland from England?

I bought something from a seller on
It was shipped on monday (standard shipping)

A book i bough from amazon itself arrived yesterday. The seller item has yet to arrive!

any ideas on how long it’ll take?

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7 Responses to “How Long does post take to arrive in Ireland from England?”

  1. MrT :) says:

    Standard Shipping to Ireland Tend to take 3-5 Working Days ….

    Hope this helps 🙂

  2. kookies_101 says:

    The maximum time should only be a week. Most should come within a few days. Is there any chance it was lost?

  3. Pollycallin says:

    No idea. Isn’t there a postal strike?


    It can take from three or four days to over a week. It’s pretty unpredictable to be honest. I was waiting to recieve a letter from my parents in England and it took almost two weeks! Don’t worry it will probably arrive on Monday or Tuesday.

  5. manxbiker says:

    normally only a couple of days but don’t forget there are mail strikes on at the moment and they are talking about a national postal strike holding things up even more than at the moment

  6. Stacey UK says:

    usually the same time as from eg london to newcastle.
    maybe 1 day more but there is a post strike AGAIN so that will delay it even longer

  7. monty says:

    You will have a long wait if the post men and women go on strike.

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