How long for a parcel from the UK to arrive in the US?

I ordered some books from which were sent through Royal Mail. I ordered it on July 29. its now august 3 and its still not here. also on amazon there’s no tracking info on my package. When will it arrive?

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2 Responses to “How long for a parcel from the UK to arrive in the US?”

  1. ElderGoth Phillip says:

    if you ordered them from a seller in america it will take almost 2 weeks. because when it arrives from america in England it has to go through customs, they may open it and check the contents. which is why it will take some time. it may arrive in England early but it has to go through customs to make sure your not sending any bomb making chemicals or saran gas to kill people on subways.

    i deal with amazon a lot. and i buy lots of thing on their site. if it has been shipped out contact the seller by e-mail and ask for a tracking number, if the seller bothered to ship it with a tracking number

  2. Lyn Zhang says:

    depends on where u ordered it from

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