How Long Should Foodstamps And Housing Vouchers Last?

For those of sound body and mind?

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16 Responses to “How Long Should Foodstamps And Housing Vouchers Last?”

  1. Presidential Fraud says:

    1 Year.
    If you can get off by then, you are literally worthless.

  2. JohnnyK says:

    They’ll end with the on-coming crash.

  3. Foghorn says:

    Over the course of a lifetime I would argue that 3 years should be the max.

  4. falisha says:

    You can’t get those easy as you think. You republicans think it’s so easy and complain so much yet if something happened and you needed help you wouldnt have the first idea of what to do or what the requirements were.
    housing vouchers, tell that to the homeless men on the street. it is HARD to get help from the government and it takes a LONG time and there are a lot of requirements.
    Food is a basic need of LIFE, people are going out buying laptops with foodstamps! ( Let them eat cake ) You’d have people dying of hunger, children going hungry which many do anyway. You have more crime because people would steal for food.

  5. Davros says:

    You know nothing about who uses food stamps and why. There are a lot of people who work and have kids but their income isn’t sufficient to make sure that everyone is properly fed. Do you really want to put a time limit on that? Most people on food stamps don’t like it and try to get off as soon as they can. They are not freeloaders, despite the disgusting comments from Newt and the gang on the right.

  6. bash says:

    Only unemployment should be provided for those adults of sound mind and body….only if they were laid off through no fault of their own. Food stamps and vouchers are reserved for those who cannot work, like children, the disabled, and seniors.

  7. Billy Bob says:

    In my state (Florida) you re-certify your foo-Stams every six months.
    Obama phones it’s once a year. But you don’t have to prove anything, just “swear” everything is the same.
    Housing? not sure! Think it depends on the reason you are on it. Like disability? never Got Bebes? Dey grows up ya know?

  8. NONAME says:

    You are an idiot.
    Craziness isn’t working anymore.

  9. Greg0787 says:

    Good question.
    On the contrary, there should be no minimum wage. People making below a certain wage should just receive a tax voucher that enables them to get by all right.
    Less restrictions on the labor market, but you maintain standard of living. If there is no price floor, supply will meet demand and the economy on WHOLE will prosper.
    Take for example Germany and compare that to Spain. Germany has no minimum wage. Spain has very strict labor and union red tape. Germany’s unemployment rate is 5%, Spain’s is now over 20%.
    Most people in the US already make more than the minimum wage. If you get rid of it, jobs will be created for younger people without skills and they can transition upward.
    If everyone is working, the economy will grow faster and the deficit will fall, too.
    Edit: Milton Friedman, who worked for Ronald Reagan, won the Nobel Prize and was an amazing conservative economist. He argued in favor of this idea, calling it a reverse income tax, I believe. That’s how you help the poor. That’s how you get them working.

  10. Lone Devil says:

    As long as Israel keeps getting our money

  11. Emma says:

    for as long as a household fulfills the requirements

  12. Justin L says:

    They should last as long as CEOs and top Executives continue to get 10 million dollars or more a year, with 20%-30% pay increases and bonuses, while everyone else that works for them get pay cuts or are force to work at or near minimum wage.

  13. siamvelv says:

    I want to make sure that I’m answering this right so, do you mean-Do foodstamps carry over(rollover) from month to month or do you mean-Do I need a review of some kind to keep getting my foodstamps? I don’t know about housing vouchers but I can say that the answer to the foodstamp question is yes. You can rollover a few dollars from one month to another but be careful not to build it up or else it will be canceled. Then once a year you will be contacted by your case worker and they will ask for your yearly expenses and yearly income to determine if you still need them and how much. Sometimes during the year they might contact you to tell you about an increase or a decrease in your total, depending on the cost of living. But they will never just stop your foodstamps without first sending you a letter with an at least 30 day notice.

  14. Angel Fire !!! says:

    I would imagine the 45 million people, that receive those things are wondering that same thing. That question should have been asked of the rep, this election since they campaigned on jobs jobs jobs. But instead they vetoed all jobs bills, and became the party of NO. Their main goal was to keep Obama from winning a second term. And to hell with the welfare of the american people, even their own voters..

  15. Burning Peace says:

    It’s sad to say but as long as it takes for a full times jobs wages lift you out of poverty.
    Why do we devalue people to the point that we won’t pay them enough for the basics in life?
    If everyone could afford health care we wouldn’t need Obamacare.
    And many hard working parents are forced to feed their kids crap.

  16. March2 says:

    I love that the Right are fixated with welfare recipients and actually believe the nonsense idiots like the Tea Party push. Most people use welfare programs as intended – temporarily and legally. Also, most adults who receive benefits such as medical care or housing subsidies WORK jobs but make such a low wage that they need the assistance to help cover basic expenses.

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