How Long To Wait To Get My Nose Pierced Again?

I got my nose pierced in april this year but had to take it out cuase I messed it up (somehow repierced my nose thinking I got it in the right hole.. i guess i have huge pours. ew. anywho)
that happened in septemberish so I took it out cause I didn’t want it to get infected and what not.
I eventually wanted to get both sides pierced and now there is a sale for piercings at the place I originally got it, i thought it would be good to just get them both pierced at same time
anywho question is, is it okay to repierce the same spot now? its been 3 months ish give or take
Or should I wait longer? I would get my other side done and just wait for my previous one to heal?
please and thank you! =)

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One Response to “How Long To Wait To Get My Nose Pierced Again?”

  1. Shauna says:

    Go ask the piercer, he/she’s professional and would know the best. Good luck, hope you get what you want!!:)

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