How Long Until I Have To Move From My Home After Sale?

I live in California and I received a letter that my house will be sent to auction. How long do I have or what can I do? I just need time to find a new place, I simply cant pay the payments here and its not worth it for a house that is valued at 30,000 and I will have to pay off 400,000. So please any help on what I can do and what the process is?

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2 Responses to “How Long Until I Have To Move From My Home After Sale?”

  1. McLure says:

    1 month, maybe 2.

  2. Rob says:

    go out and find a public storage place.
    rent one big enough for the stuff u have.
    pack all the stuff u haven’t actually used in
    last month. pack all but basic kitchen stuff
    pack so it looks like u a starving student.
    do label all the boxes. use plastic garbage
    bags inside boxes.
    got all that done? relax and start saving
    $$ for next move to a small cheap safe
    as for how long u can stay ? 7 days
    to 180 + days. just cause it sent to auction
    does not mean it will sell.
    many banks like having people in house
    than sitting vacant to be stripped of
    any thing of value.

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