How long will my camera battery last and SD hold?

I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix S3100 and I was planning to buy a 64GB SD card because I’m going to shoot lots of video at Eurogamer Expo next year. My questions are: How long will the battery last when shooting video in HD 720p and how many hours of 720p video will the 64GB SD hold? Another question I have is, if I can’t get enough battery life out of shooting 720p video and/or enough storage to hold it, how long will the battery last when shooting VGA video and how many hours of VGA video will a 64GB SD hold?

SD Card:

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@windows thanks for the answer. Can you give some more details if I provide you with the battery information?
Lithium Ion 3.7v 2.6Wh 700MAh

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  1. Vinegar Taster says:

    I would NOT buy a 64GB card ! Buy several 8GB class 10 cards.
    This is a simple point and shoot camera, and not the best for videos. If you over use it for videos, you will burn out the sensor. You’ll be better off getting a camcoder which you can get for around $150.
    Always good to buy an extra battery or two.
    As for batteries, buy the best rechargeable you can.

  2. windows says:

    Depends on which rechargeable batteries you are talking about. My AA batteries from my point and shoot camera take 15 minutes to charge, and only last about an hour if used continually, which isn’t that long. Point and shoot cameras are very non-energy efficient, and consume a lot of power in general. Some last longer than others though, it depends on the MAH of the battery.
    Sd it doesnt lasts but the memory could be full and you might want to buy another one if its full however you can delete the picture syou dont want on your sd card so it could be Limited:)
    Hope it helped:)

  3. flyingtiggeruk says:

    Your camera manual should give some idea of the file sizes you should get with video.

    On my EOS600D I can get around 13 minutes of video per GB at 640×480 and I can’t imagine yours being much different from that. HD720 is 3x the size, so 4 minutes per GB.

    Battery life….. take spare batteries.

    The best way to find out is to record video until the batteries give up, then you know how long the battery life is.

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