How long would it take to recieve a Kindle in London?

If I ordered a Kindle from, how long would it take to get to my house in London? I would be using the cheapest shipping and delivery options.

Thanks in advance.
They have the Kindle in stock on

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3 Responses to “How long would it take to recieve a Kindle in London?”

  1. evaohell says:

    I do not understand why people ask this?

    1. How do we know how close you live to Amazon UK’s wharehouse?
    2. Since we don’t know the above, we don’t know what is the cheapest shipping method to you.
    3. Call Amazon and ask them.

  2. Robert D says:

    Depends on their stock levels. two days if they have it.

  3. BRIAN C says:

    who knows these days – Amazon use a variety of methods and can be from next day to next week. If you want one really quick pop down to your local Tesco – mine has them on the shelf – pay and take it home.

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