How long would this dechlorinator last me?

IF i got this how long would it last me if i had combined tanks of 420 liters ?

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  1. Ben says:

    i use pond dechlorinators for my aquariums they work just the same as any other but they works out a lot cheaper

  2. baymast13 says:

    There are many variables here, there is no cut and dried answer. I have in front of me a 100 ml bottle of AquaSafe plus (not for ponds, just aquariums). I assume it is similar. This 100ml bottle states it treats up to 757L. If you need to use the same amount of that variety (5ml per 38 liters of water), then obviously, a 1000ml bottle will treat 10 times as much (7570L).
    The variables are: how often do you change water, and how much do you change each time? Assuming you change 25% of your water each week (standard), that means you would need to treat 105 liters of water each week. That means you would need to use 18.8 ml of conditioner each week. Assuming all that is correct, a 1000ml bottle would last for 72 weeks, or 1 year, 5 months.
    Make sure the expiration date on the bottom is for 1/15 or later. This is all assuming my math is correct, I think it is.
    BTW, I hope you are not planning on using pond products in home tanks. They are different. Use pond products for ponds, aquarium products for aquaria. The correct product doesn’t cost that much more, I’m sure.
    Hope this helps!

  3. !There is no reason for Ignorance !call a vet! says:

    I buy 2 liter bottles of Aqua safe and it lasts me 3 weeks and one of my tanks takes the Bottle and its 500 liters so it wont last very long

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