How many Bail Bonds you have dealt with?

How many Bail Bonds you have dealt before and which one was the worst one, haven’t kept their promise and which one was the good?
Bail Bonds and your previous dealing should be within California State.
Bail Bonds promises they will try their best and sometimes guarantee you that you will get the bail and no need to take the collateral but after of some days you got them not good.

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3 Responses to “How many Bail Bonds you have dealt with?”

  1. Aaron says:

    Dealt with one Bail Bonds 5 times so, I will say
    Best: Bail Hotline Bail Bonds – got cool service.
    Haven’t dealt with any other Bail Bonds so, I can’t say about the worst one, I think all Bail Bonds are good, but sometimes the results are different with different crime and different people.
    I suggest everybody

  2. mscherpenberg says:

    Never have.

  3. Huntsman says:

    Havent kept their promise?
    What promise?

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