How many different computers can i install this windows xp on?

I really hate vista and i don’t think i really want windows 7 so how many computers will this install on?


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4 Responses to “How many different computers can i install this windows xp on?”

  1. Insane_mad_maniak says:

    OEM licences can only be installed and registered on 1 system.

  2. PleaseInsertACoin says:

    One. If it is not said otherwise, you only buy one user license per package.

  3. kow says:

    As the above poster says, you only buy one license. BTW, Vista sux but Windows 7 is fantastic.

  4. ECNS says:

    Depends on how many licenses you have. How come you dont like Vista? If its because of some of the services running you can eaisly edit these using the Windows Services Editor –

    This is also a great way to improve the performance of any PC runngin windows – just dont forget to back up your original settings!

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