How many of you have an account?

why? Just asking. Not national security is it?

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10 Responses to “How many of you have an account?”

  1. doodle bop xx says:


  2. vex says:

    I did, then i got banned, never gone back since!

  3. netdisasterer says:

    I don’t

  4. confused says:

    I have three ebay accounts.. power seller!!

  5. Mas says:

    Me I got one, in fact im selling stuff just now on it.

  6. The Red Girl says:

    My brother and my dad both have accounts, but i’d advise you not to get one.

    eBay is addictive!!!

    don’t believe me listen to ‘the eBay song’ !!!! (if you do listen to it get the lyrics)

  7. JOHN R says:

    I do. Though how that helps you I’m at a loss to understand.

  8. kicking_qt says:

    I have an account.
    Well 2 actually .
    A buying ID and a selling ID. I hope this information helps you and is as you required to know.

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