How many PAYG top up vouchers can you add onto one sim per day?

I have just won 25 vodafone topup vouchers (£10 each) and when i applied them to my phone (in fear that they might expire) I get the message that i have reached my limit of packs that I can have. What???
I got this message after applying 14 vouchers? Let me know. I think the rest expire this week so would really want to apply them to buy games and tracks.
@ FreeSIM – Just curious, does this limit exist for other networks too? Its a good idea actually.

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One Response to “How many PAYG top up vouchers can you add onto one sim per day?”

  1. FreeSIMGuy says:

    The reason why they block the number of top-ups per day is due to fraud, lets be honest, not many people will top-up £140 a day do they….

    If the top-up is going to expire by the end of the week (typically unheard of) then just top-up the remainder over the coming days. I would suggest a call to Vodafone to let them know what is going on, that way they don’t suspect anything at all and you keep your top-up

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