How many points discount can I get off a new Honda NC700X?

Went to the motorcycle show at the NEC yesterday and was very taken with the NC700X. What sort of dealer discount % could I expect to get if I ordered a new one?

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  1. Dan H says:

    Probably none. Most new motorcycles are NOT discounted. Sometimes you can work out a deal with the dealership for a few hundred off the bike. You are more likely to be able to work out a discount on any accessories or gear – helmets, gloves, etc – that you buy with the bike. There is a LOT more markup on the accessories and gear than on the bike itself so more room for the dealer to work with you on price there.

    I doubt there is more than a few hundred in profit for the dealer on the NC700x so not much room for them to discount.

  2. who_is_jack_shit says:

    Depends on the dealer and what they are willing to give you. Also depends if there is demand or a waiting list for it, if there is there will be no discounts as they know someone else will be willing to pay full price.

  3. EvelynThe ModifiedDog. says:

    Depends on the dealer, the mark-up and the popularity of the model. If it’s a brand new model that’s popular you’ll be lucky to get anything off it.
    Never hurts to ask though, but I’d guess 5-10% tops. If you’re doing finance I’d go for a discount on that as well, there’s far more profit in it for them.

  4. a2 - inoperative emessages says:

    for you – I would add 10%

  5. Tim D says:

    Slight, if any, on a newly introduced model. You might be offered discounts on kit or on servicing (take the former).

    If you wait a few months you might find that, if the model is not selling well, it is discounted – but given that it is designed for fuel economy you will probably find they sell well.

  6. pinemiser says:

    Too many variables, you will have to talk to a few dealers to get the best possible price. At the start of a new model availability is usually limited. The second year of production is always better, more availability and defects have been fixed.

  7. Neil B says:

    The NC700 is hugely popular, it’s unlikely you will get ANY discount, but you can of course ask!

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